NanoGroup Co. have assembled together several companies, which locate in Czech Republic and Ukraine.

We have an industrial production of two basic carbon nanomaterials:

  • NanoDiamond
    • DB- Diamond Bland
    • UDD- Ultra Dispersed Diamond
  • NanoTubes CMWNT Carbon Multy Wall Nano Tubes.

For production of this materials, we have used a modern unique equipment and technologies:

  • for NanoDiamond (and DB) an explosion detonation technique in closed chamber
  • for NanoTubes - pyrolytic synthesis from propane with supported catalyst.

A chamber for industrial
nanodiamond production
(vol. 40 m3)

A reactor for industrial
production CMWNT

Our R&D department cooperate with a lot of Institutes an research companies in whole world: Germany, USA, Japan, Russia etc.

Our mobile team help to apply our materials and technology to real industries...

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